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English Setter Puppies - Positive Reinforcement Training - 12 26 15

English Setter Puppies - Positive Reinforcement Training - 12 26 15

Six Week Old English Setter Puppies Trained with Clicker Methodology and Placement Orientation - The Goal Is To Train Focus, Staying in Position (length of ...

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Dog Breeds - English setter. Dogs 101 Animal Planet


All About English Setters

Follow The Dog Show online: ➤Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/the_dog_show_/ ➤Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/The-Dog-Show... ➤Twitter ...


Kindal Kincaid and her English Setter are members of the So Cal NAVHDA. Along with her parents and boyfriend, Kindal train weekly at Prado Recreational Dog ...

English Setter Field Tests | Too Cute!

The English Setter pups make their way to he front yard to hone their instincts. | For more Too Cute!, visit ...

English Setter - Top 10 Facts

The English Setter dog breed was named for its practice of “setting,” or crouching low, when it found birds so the hunter could throw his net over them. There are ...

Polite English Setter wants more steak

Finnegan wants more steak gristle.

cute english setter


english setters - World Dog Show 2017

junior class, dogs.

The Setter - Pet Dog Documentary English

The setter is a type of gundog used most often for hunting game such as quail, pheasant, and grouse. In the UK, the four setter breeds together with the pointer ...

English Setter - Dog Breed

The English Setter is a very old breed (around 400 years ago it began to appear in literature and paintings) that was developed in England. In the beginning of ...


Find out about the English Setter and other dog breeds, and which dog breed might be the best to suit your home environment and lifestyle, whether a ...

The Discipline of the English Setter

Jagger, a ten year old English Setter, \

English setter puppies


English setter puppies from birth to increase

Puppies For Sale 995 551 791512. Puppies born at 25.August.2017. Location Georgia.

English Setter Excellence with Dave Hughes

English Setter grouse dog excellence is demonstrated by pro-trainer Dave Hughes and Long Gone Kennel owner Lloyd Murray and filmed by Bird Dogs Afield.

11 week old English Setter puppies on point


Irish Setter Puppy and English Setter Playing


English Setter Agility Movie 2017

English Setter Agility May 8, 2017.

My English Setter, Misty

Misty playing with a dog treat. She thought the treat was alive and it was going to eat her, instead of the other way around. Misty persevered and eventually the ...

Grooming the Show Style English Setter with Irina 'Pina' Pinkusevich

Watch the Full Video at http://www.Learn2GroomDogs.com Here is a small preview from a full grooming lesson you are going to see on Learn2GroomDogs.com.

Hunt with English Setter's

Una 9.5 Months and Lui 6.0 Months Lively and lovely, the English Setter is a medium-size pointing breed that originated in Britain. In the field, his job is to find ...

How to own a human - By an English Setter

A dog's guide How to own a human by Maximus Setterus (Max) Useful short video guide for dogs by Max a rescued English Setter (working type) from the Black ...

English Setter goes mental


Field trim on an English setter by pawsh pet grooming


English setter dog on running pheasant


English Setter wins Gundog Group Judging at Crufts 2005

Subscribe to Crufts: http://bit.ly/CruftsSub The Crufts 2005 Gundog Group Judging was won by the regal English Setter, beating off the English Springer Spaniel, ...

Hobbes (English Setter) Puppy Camp Dog Training Video Demonstration

Hobbes (English Pointer) graduated from the puppy training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel ...

Singing English Setter

My prized English Setter, faithful hunting companion, has a thing for piano music.

English Setter puppy sings for his supper

Ozzy the 1 year old English Setter puppy has invaded Kathy's home again and was caught in the kitchen. He knows there are treats stored in there somewhere ...

Field setter grooming part 1


Daisy - English Setter - 3 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Trained by Naomi White www.adolescentdogs.com.

Olef English Setter

5 Months English Setter in Ferma.... Training.

English setter GRAND CH.GR TRAILER - ZICKO -

Αγγλικό σέττερ ZICKO ΜΕΓΑΣ Πρωταθλητής Ελλάδος Μορφολογίας - TRAILER.

English Setter meets goose

English Setter meets Goose.

Abby The English Setter

Abby is learning her basic commands. This is what she knows so far.

English Setter Puppy Bath!

Gerry the English Setter Puppy, gets his first bath! With adorable results!

Golden Retriever vs English Setter


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